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As I driving back from UIA to my lovely homey home,
I got pain in the ass (for real)
I have problem for seating in long time,,,
So just imagine me sitting in the non-stop class from 830 in the morning till 630pm
I have like thousand of position and always failed for sitting still
Therefore I also have problem watching movie in the cinema where I move a lot and irritate the neighboring seater
To counter that I love walking, moving (shopping to be exact, though i not buying anything)
I can sit whenever I tired,,, I can dunk my feet in cold or warm water as a gift(coz bawak I jalan2)
I was thinking while driving that I also cant sleep in the evening which I might be turned bad mood (not might but sure!)
I cant laying or any sort of behavior that require me to lie down or anything that makes my head in horizontal axis
Definitely I pening
Sangat pening
And I don’t like sharing bed,
if do only with my sister and
if I have to pun u can see me sleeping in one corner, curl myself, very small covered top to toe inside my kepompong (if it's not single bed)
if single i rather sleep on a chair or on the floor
(in camping u already set ur mind that's different)

and i dont like cold environment(where my sister can't live without)

only superdad noticed it... in hotel where i prefer sleep on the combine chairs (where there's only two queen beds in the room)

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