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i knew it he didnt read my blog!
he read when i told him so
drifted (for almost a week)
i miss him badly
bonda pun
he keep asking "dia bukak puasa kat mana hr ni?mkn apa?"
i love him
my mom loves him too because he loves me and i love him
i can read from the face of bonda
she look like she fall in love again for the third time
but this time with him
(he is very good in amik hati my bonda)
tan sri has new person he enjoy chatting with
"waktu pakcik muda2 dulu..."
"waktu pakcik kerja dulu..."
which we already dengar for million times
along happy as long i happy
she never judge
and my babe attiq has a new gang
attiq become very excited whenever he around
he always said "ngah biler boyfriend angah nak datang?"
or "boyfriend angah nak datang eh?" with the eager face everytime i dress up
(though im actually going out with the girls)
whom he doesnt hv to compete about shirts and jeans
(attiq's fashion more wild)
and definitely i am in love with him
without reason
it just happen
im in love

proved to me u read my blog by saying "saya bacalah!" in comment

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Anonymous at: September 6, 2008 at 6:19 AM said...


Anonymous at: September 6, 2008 at 12:06 PM said...

i've never know u had a blog.
tp ain dh siap link org.
i'd link u back, babe! =)

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