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future taitai, boxes of shoes, inbox from facebook

holiday @ home
cherish every moment
killing my time of not eating by surfing and reading blogs
i came across reading a blog of someone that i had no relation to,
she definitely going to be a future taitai (from the way she told the stories of her life)
fill in the empty spaces with mani pedi jump from one spa to another having meal in high class places engagement party at carcosa sure we can measure the money level of this little brat (yes she is a spoil brat, she wrote it herself!)
i used to have dream of being a taitai,,, yes i do,,, married with kids and my job is shopping and beautify myself (someone who is not beauty enough will go to such place to beautify themselves,, yg cantik x payah!)
but after read the blogs of future taitai n taitais,,, i stop to dream of being a taitai,, taitai is boring its more routine. i prefer to hv job because i can't stand looking to my husband struggle to be a breadwinner himself alone n i enjoying with the money just to beautify myself (though its like the dream of a man to hv beautiful wife and he has enough money to splurge it to his wife).

living at home doing nothing is boring so i help around with the chores and everything (including cooking and baking) this happen on Sunday, while kemas2 umah, i found so many empty shoe boxes so i fill it up with my shoes and its turn out i have a lot of shoes not include my sneakers and sandals biasa,,, hmm its more than 10 shoes (stillettos, peep toes heels, kitten heels, pump n etc) banyak rupanya,, asal mcm x de kasut jer slalu,,, hmm for me 10 shoes is a lot,,, i wonder how many shoes my sis has coz she has a lot,,, i mean A LOT!

i did mention i sign up for facebook didn't i?
to be honest im bad with facebook
i asked anis here n that coz she said facebook is better than fs,,, (eila said the same way too)
however i don't think so facebook n i have the chemistry,,,
its just i dont,,,
anyway received email from my friend ask me to call him n yet i didnt even he said its urgent,,,
i dont have creadit
malas mau kuar n bli
though cimb clicks just need few clicks from the mousie,,, i train myself not to cause i know that will zero my account

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