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between sambut raya awal & penjaga

Due to enthusiasm of celebrating raya (puasa bru sehari) I with all the semangat i've made a carrot cake (recipe from intan's mother... thank you aunty chomel)
Sedap,,, So Of course to do it i hv to took out the medium size oven from the cabinet ( for those penah dtg umah they know how the kitchen cabinet looks like),,,
after a few days of baking its time to store the oven back to its own hibernating place,,,
(i made the cake on Sunday this morning during sahur baru nak simpan)
the oven is quite heavy for slimmy me so as i wanna step on the chair i accidentally knock my knee on the chair edge *remember the heavy loaded item*
not only sengal giler but i hv to bear the loaded on a feet and find place to put it back,,, giler sakit,,,
n the oven is left on the counter instead in its sleeping area,,,
wuteva pun its morning after i've done with the cleaning process its time to tido but before that i need to perfom subuh prayer,,, in the bathroom while im doing the bussiness (as a female u got the idea how the shishi going on) in the time i try to stand my knee hurt my knee (right) made a sound kreukkreuk! waa....! sdah tua... n my subuh prayer is not that khusyuk coz of my knee...
i tell my brother he said "pakai knee guard attiq" n know i ada penjaga... penjaga lutut

any idea to help my knee being independent instead of having a guard?

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{ nurainaakabil } at: September 3, 2008 at 2:41 AM said...

eh..knee gurd tuh super bagos tau..works for us who luvs mountain hiking..

another tips to go..letak minyak angin then tros pki knee gurd..huhu..sedaps..

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