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its raining outside
dark and silent
creates a murky damp air
the music i listening to not align with the scenario
there is my phone
far enough to hold
not in silent mode
however it prefer to be silent (there were incoming call by same person twice but i prefer not to pick it up)
silent as tonight
mind creates a plot
plot where i am looking at someone who is sleeping
someone who is in the dreamland
as i
half awake
and yet posting another blog without reason
why most of the blogs i've read is about depression?
and this is not another depressing post
just me myself wanna blend with the air
being cold and missing someone that untouchable since breakfasting
three words that i wish could whisper and being heard by that someone
i miss you

teringat fyp undone (this is depressing, and i left not to tell)
kirin prefer slips under the duvet

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