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Our Heaven on earth: referrence

I used to buy GLAM DEKO magazine (and piles of others as well) every 2 months once (they released them once of 2 months) back when im still single untill the first year of marriage. But once we bought our first house everything have to cut down including the magazine. Plus we try not to be hoarders just as both of our moms do (that's why there have lot of nicest things). So we ended loving the internet, first as for work ( husband bring work back home and wife tends to work from home) and second my husband's love of youtube has been epidemic to me, and i reffered most of make up tutorial to organizing and how to videos ( videoclips and movies are at the least category in my list). I was known as minah youtube among friends... Sigh

Anyway, i learn a lot with internet, i do not own personal laptop but i do have an ipod to google something on back then. Technology upgraded and it males thing a lot easier.

For the house projects i have not buy any new magazine but i just reffered to internet.
My inspiration comes from photos i saved. I sleep with it and imagine them. So i try to make things become real, i youtubed the best chandelier for square dining table an suitable dimension and heights, the size of the carpets, bed related thingy and a whole lot more.

And one of the thing i love the most is houzz.com which very good indeed. I learned a lot from it.
Decision made mostly based on their articles. I am not interior designer, and the arts dont come from within. Its more on the photos i love and like so i try to immitate that! However there are a lot of articles that can helps you making the right decision such as in the photos and a little sneak peak of our heaven on earth

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