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Our Heaven on Earth: kitchen cabinet (still planning)

Some of the neighbours already move in but we still have not decided on the kitchen cabinet yet. A vendor will be coming in a few days. Therefore i have to be more realistic in order the business to be real smooth. I have to make sure everything is ok and before we finalized the design and everything.

Sometime we tend to get want what we want instead of thinking of it reliability and durability.
If you read my previous post on kitchen. U will know I love white kitchen. Really in love.

But when I cooked for lunch last weekend, all white kitchen might not be happening in the wet kitchen. My family favourite of overspicy gulai lemak daging definitely required a fresh tumeric to give it a kick thus it may not blend well to white countertop. Therefore i need to twist it to black.

The question is should i get the quartz or the granite?
And how will be the door design look like?

Everytime i look at kitchen photos i am leaning towards all white kitchen.

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