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I have to say i had a great year last year. Most of my wishes in the wishlist are granted. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.

Started on the as early as Jan with a baby, my beautiful niece ardelia herisya a quick trip to Singapore, our heaven on earth progress is quite good. Surrounded by beautiful & great people.

A designer bag from husband. I managed to pay zakat where i neglected that for quite sometimes. Unexpected trip to West part of Europe. Touch down to Hong Kong & China.

We had a family vacation for quite some places. A whole month of doing nothing in december. Own a car. Doesnt it great?!

Alhamdulillah, it was started quite well this year and hopefully it is getting better by days, months, & years to come.

This year the wind has change from China to India company. With new workplace & a bestfriend working together its a double thumbs up!

Im going to challenge myself to;

1. Be more organize (notice it when things go hairwire when preparing for loans)
2. Saving more (no overseas vacation, hopefully)
3. Again! Thicker hair
4. Again! Great skin
5. Important! A fit body!
6. To complete this healthy cooking book that we bought in Big Bad Wolf.
7. Finished up my sewing class.
8. Have a great home.
9. More green

This year more on self improvisation. But all with Allah's will. InsyaAllah.

I wish everybody have a great year.

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