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Laman Herba : Rosemary

Once again Putrajaya held on Floria, where all the flowers and plant gather to show of their best features. The orchids are gorgeous though their main actress for this year is the bouganvilla. I still love bouganvilla. They remain gorgeous all the time.

 I went to Floria last week and insist my brain and body to go because i've been missed the last years event. Preparing mind and body and a little bit of sensous in order to pujuk and tag my husband along to this jammed pack area and crowded places (both of us allergic to crowded places). At first, i feel a bit stress out because again repeatation "crowded" and we took a short walk to the exhibition/competition by the local authorities and universities. 

I love MBJB's garden with a view of the lake and the water features it was so gorgeous. In advantage of the flower boat being frame by the garden it was breathtaking. Again i was in the right place when the fireworks started. Beautiful. After the fireworks, we are struggling to get out from this area and I am looking forward for the booths! Flower and plants booth. 

This where i can concluded that the orchids are so gracefull. I have some back at home. I move away for not figgiting over it as it will end up unflowered! I already have things in mind what to buy. I want to buy a friend of Roseyatimah which is Rosemary. An English Herbs. I am searching for it quite sometimes but it was not available at pasar tani near my house. So it is the best chance to start collecting herbs. Doakan she have along live.

 "Rosemary should be place in shaded area. Not a direct sunlight. And better to be outside. The soil should be slightly wet. Advisable to used organic enhancer such as rice polish water, ikan bilis head due this item is consumable. ", advice by the seller cum gardener.

 You may find the plants cost from RM5.00 on wards, it might get cheaper for last day.

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