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Birthday for all- plan B publika

We have been friends more than 10 years and still going strong. Back when the school years we always celebrate each other birthday, and usually the fast food chain. of course Nando's is in the first place until today.

Before it always a plan for surprises. being blindfolded, just ignore the birthday girl, bring the girl's crush to joined and wish,, you know the teen stuff. Thinking back it was so funny an immature. Those memories are the points when we meet up.

When everyone busy with the tertiary education we made an occasions to meet up. We did contact each other but not as frequence as today when we are working. Reason being is the technology of wats app. So no more "eh i tell u this can u please tell others too". Now with smart phones everybody connected. Few of us even  meet up  almost everyday. Gym classes, tea, lunch & dinner.

And one day we decided to throw a birthday party for everyone. Now for each & everyone, hmm... 'wah banyaknya, x cukup duit nih' now everyone has their own money so i bet commitment tag together so we make an event to celebrate everybody birthdays all at one!

We went for Plan B in Publika as place to meet up. The food was ok but the main food is only served 3pm onwards which made us have fewer choice (sandwiches & pasta). We ok with that because we knew we gonna crash other places too such as mamak or gerai. The food price = OK, still within the budget and you may lepak lama as they give you free water.

I could not recall what was my food name is, it sounds like "vegetable pasta" kot.

This is us and please enjoy the pictures.

:: They were known as Charlie's Angels back then in School by teachers and classmate::

:: You need someone like this in a group, rajin tangkap gambar::

Exchange gifts. Each one bring one gift and will undi who get who.

And as I said, we will end up some other place for a really good food.
:: Laksa Rawang ::

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