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Begging for Bag

Early this year i made myself a list of resolutions. Things to achieve, things to possess, things like that..
However i made them dynamic where they might be changed relevantly to priority and other reasons. One of my obsession is CELINE MINI LUGGAGE.

I only owned one, repeat ONE (not including mom's and sis's) high end bag, itu pun if you consider COACH as one of it sebab nowadays i see COACH like a par with GUESS jer, ramai orang pakai.

I'd always loved bags, be it school bag or handbag. I think it comes from the genes. My mother have tons of bags to match her baju; white, black, different tones of greens, blue, pink, brown, etc. It inherits the genes to us. I think because bags is the only item the three of us can share due to we have different sizes for shoes.

When I have my own earnings, commitments tag along with it. Bags is not important anymore. The value of the bag get the same standard with the no brand bag. I wear it most of the time; working, shopping, events. 

I pity the bag. Gift from beloved husband during his visit to USA, I treat it toughly. I need to get new bag so that I give it less stress. Though at the same time I get hooked to get a curated wardrobe and trying to jump out from the hoarding genes from my family where you keep most of everything and to avoid filling in larger bag with smaller bag and sooner you will forget about the bag that you have. Click here if you want to know about curated wardrobe, she makes me think & hooked.

I should now change my resolution to stop buy new bag and take care what i owned now.

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