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Wishlist #1: How to buy a house

We ourselves never ever think we managed to have a house this soon.
But I think Allah knows best, and this is the rezeki we get from the Almighty.

Many people (of our ages) motivated or triggered to have one.
I myself do when see others have their own house.

I am a bit pushy to my husband, I wanted a house, a new one… and I myself pledge to have a house before I am married but the rezeki is not there yet.

So we do have quite sometimes spent our dating time by searching for a nest to be living in.
From Cheras near to my mom to Gombak to Nilai and even thinking to build a house at Kampung, all I want is a house of our own.

I insist!

To build a house, the process a bit more tedious compare from buying a house. Plus the loans is very difficult as we both not in the government sector.

1.       Start searching now.
-          Use the entire property website available on the net.
-          Look into the development company website on their future project. (The earlier you buy, the cheaper is the price)
-          Read through the newspaper.
-          Give a look at the advertisement around you. (Billboard, pamphlet, some have road show in supermarkets eg, giant, tesco, carefour)
-          Went to property exhibition. (from here you may register at their booth and they will update you on their latest project! Please leave your track jot down your phone no or email)

2.       Keep searching.
-          Have a long around town. Resell new house.
-          New develop area

3.       Found one.
-          Ask! Ask! Ask! Ask what ever you may ask. Even a stupid question. (We asked a lot of question, stupid question. We don’t have money but based on gaji can pay)
-          Leave your name. Register (don’t pay anything just yet, just convince them you are interested but don’t pay yet. Tell them you pay tomorrow or tonight)
-          Go back and discuss, if this gonna be the heaven on earth, work travel, school (if you have kids), shops, clinics, and can we pay for it every month.
- Booked! it can be RM 100 or RM 1000 depends

4. Negotiation
     - You may negotiate on the payment... x percaya... definitely for newly wed & fresh grad money semput2 jer... where on earth to find at least RM 30k for the downpayment? 
First, believe in Allah, ada rezeki smooth jer ada sikit hiccup but still can go through, x per rasa susah tu kejap jer... (buang jauh-jauh perkataan "aku mana ada duit/ x der duit/ x mampu (be relevant laa, kalau setakat gaji isi rumah RM 2k without any extra income jgn pulak longing for RM 3mill hous)... kene cakap "ada tpbelum cukup")

Bile percaya pada Allah, ada jalan penyelesaian
- Discuss to buat markup loan... beli dengan harga non-bumi (normally lebih 7%) so lg 3 % jer kene bayar... 7% dr harga non bumi will be imposed as downpayment.
Some ada developer yg dah siap wave mintak byr another 3%. This have to be discuss with developer, sbb die kene buka harga pada bank. 

Jangan lupa tanya free gift... heee

5. Take loan with the developer link bank (bank yg mereka partner with)
- Loan process will be a bit easier, as the bank already knew the developer
-Throw many banks at once and compare the pros & cons... (dont go one after another, means... applied A and wait for the feedback whether can be approve or not... time... then rejected... apply B... wasting time)
-Once get the bank that willing to give loans, call other bank that not yet replied to cancel & stop the loan application process.
- They may wave the bank fees

6. LAwyer fee free,,, this normally the hidden part, Free for the bank, but not free for owner... need to prepare another few thousand... (here goes my bonus)

7. Loan okay... take a look on site what is the latest things they build up... make sure it is parallel to the one they issue us the letter... either you do progress payment or pay once get the key... 

8. Pay housing loan...

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