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Wishlist #1: House (Our Heaven on Earth Progress II)

I think most people who read my blog already knew that we already bought a house. See here

A very BIG achievement & responsibility for me specially (my first asset!)

And also by this im encouraging others to do the same thing also... That is buying an asset!

Since we recieved latest statment and progress letter, and of course the progress payment getting higher and higher each month we have decided to give them a visit. To really have a look what they are currently up to...

I dunno in construction field how do they measure the progress but for me it is quite good and fast! Now im bitting my fingers getting a bit scary on later part! (nak masuk rumah part) So much money need to be used and our saving is currently not that promising.

Anyhooo.... We try our best for our future and definitely thanks to Allah of giving us this chance and of course those who supporting us on this....

Please wait for my progress photo post and my verangan ideas!

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