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Whenever I am on my way to sites to fulfilled my responsibility of my works, i do lot of thinking... Either about work or what i am aiming for...

For myself, i did not restricted myself to aim big alone... Even the smallest & the easiest aim will do... In term of a paradigm of my own self or in term of material....

Your wishlist will go on and on...
And this is mine... May be added time to time and may be scrapped out depends on situation...

Places im looking for this year,


:: source - google ::

Hong Kong

:: source - google ::

The bag i aiming for,

:: source - afterdrk.com ::

The house that currently in progress... Tak sabarnya...

:: source - google ::

The perfume that still under consideration nak beli ke tidak

:: source - google ::

You may refer at my sidebar for quick update! Share with me your wishlist, we may help each other to achive them!


Location:Shah Alam

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