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Salam maal hijrah @ happy new year


Thats already a better start. My new resolution is to give salam...
Simple yet i am not apply it in my everyday life.
Im usually say
'hello nyah!!!!'
'hi cik sri...'
'hi datin sri' (we always dreaming being in the tai tai world with a title)
Or straight to conversaion

Plus on the other side...
People also say the same thing
'hellow sayyaanng'
'hoi cik puan'
'em knp call'
'hello ain'
'cik k!'

& people will always put resolutions around the new years of 1st jan.... Tunggu dan lihat jer sure ramai blog about it.
So wait for my next post ya peeps...

P/s: im having a fever now but getting better & i should reply some of the messages from my lovelies...

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