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Its another 2 weeks time we are hitting the no 1!!!!

Percaya atau tidak.... A im now almost a year in marriage life.... Waaaaa..... & i freaking love it y'all. Last year at this time definitely the crucial time for the preparation... & yet until today my video is still have no news!

A quick recap on the nikah

:: time nikah- pelamin with fresh flower by nurul arbee ::

:: time nikah - baju by sri andaman alfinaz butik pengantin ::

:: time nikah- photographer... Trilenses not recomended ::

:: time nikah - the food have no idea by the besties sume datang (i make my day on friday) ::

:: time nikah - the khatam quran ( this is the peak of the event when we cry a lot! I mean we laugh with tears... Wan alang punya nyanyian menusuk kolbu) ::

:: time nikah - the nikah favors my mom n there is another one made by yours truly x sempat snap gambar ::

:: time nikah - defnitely some photo taking session ::

:: the reception - international youth centre (iyc) in bandar tun razak on the next day after nikah ::

:: the reception - the caterers comes together with the dewan there being tender together so no excuses ::

:: the reception - fresh flowers by nurul arbee, the table n chair by iyc ::

:: the reception - pelamin with fresh flowers by nurul arbee ::

:: the reception - the gamelan team by AGIM highly recomended their baju according to your theme & very professional ::

:: the reception - by iyc ::

:: the reception - beautiful friends with their own money beli baju ikut tema & hand bouquet by my mom ::

:: the reception - the video by my brother friend (thats why i coudnt say more about the delay) ::

:: the reception - baju by sri andaman alfinaz butik pengantin (baju banyak variety of colour & sizes definitely cantik!) ::

:: the reception - make up by fina beautytouch ::

:: the reception - cakes by secret recipe ( please opt for white icing for the corak cause my mistake to get them in pink makes them look cheap)

:: the reception - the bedazzle can as doorgift by my mom ::

:: the suasana & the org kuat the sebalik tabir ::

:: definitely the fabolous five ::

I didnt expect that my wedding going to be this beautiful because i expect for less actually & for sure i super happy and definitely without them and the guest this shouldnt be as what we can see now... Love them and i owe them much...

Thank you all... Terima kasih...

After almost a year i love being with my husband and yes that day was beautiful & keep on nicer each day...

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