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Im back going black

Im trying to pull out corporate's look (Allah know what im up to right now). So with a good survey @ window shopping all black pump shoes or court shoes are welcome.

I do have black flat shoes where i wore it back when on my convo, a gift from my lovely aunty.

And another designer shoes where im thinking to sell it due to the shoes eating my foot alive! ( i have to wear it though, especially when there is a meeting... & time meeting asyik berdoa, please dont ask for site visit...please... But mostly end up with a long i mean loooonnnng site visit... Where i wish i got an mc the next day of it.

:: this is the shoes yg sy ckp tuh. Care to adopt? Its dkny but a donkey to me::

Ok back again... So the ooggling session is up. I had enough with the online where the postage take me at least 2 weeks time to arrive & the one i fall in love is in peacocks bangsar village where they have it not in my size (ahh... Nice with a subtle glitter make it look a bit glamour & on sale at price of RM99... Thats a good bargain)

As i x boleh tunggu for even a week and need them urgently (biasalaa drama queen) so i headed to most malaysian go... the jusco...

:: this is what i heart! Zang Toi satin pump heels::

I didnt grab it as it come without discount. And the heights and the heel was not kl roads friendly...

I opt for something cheaper and im happy with it... I will definitely go back for the Toi.

:: this wasnt leather at all but it soft and have a very simple texture to it::

Right height, right design, and definitely cheap... I wear it right away just to give it a little comfort when im going to work tomorrow.

And to pair it, a little barter system happen with my sister. Mine goes with her, and hers going to be mine... Ehem temporary dear (hv to bear that in mind)

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