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looking at beauty

i had my lunch with my ex-jv colleague,,, ( if u all do not know i've changed my job.... yes... again... for the forth time in a year) hah...

so we had this conversation...

y: haiyyooo... u getting married cannot check on handsome guy maa
k:ya loh... but now prospek x bagus maa... x hensem...
--then come one beautiful hair lady---
k: cantik laa die...
y: ya loh... her hair so nice maa
k: kann... "so i start my dream to get digital perm hair as if im going to run a miss world"
y: woman can puji other girls
y: wait we puji both guy n girls
k: correct.. guys wont puji guys... or else he gay
---- end---

im on the way back after i purchased my ticket
i saw this one stylo lady.. a bit chubby n short.. but still style (look kaya, had a tired day but still in the tireness ada style)

i had twice glance only..
2nd one i know she someone i knew

turn out its my fren

,,,, u look pretty honey...

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