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HIV test

I went for HIV test (rapid test)

every to be bride compulsory to take this

and it have to be approved by government clinic

My Superdad helps me get the appointment at Tanglin Clinic as that is the soonest we can get others are next week and two weeks ahead.

so i drove from my house to Tanglin around 1245pm

Yes the road jammed as usual during Solat Jumaat

but i know i will arrive there way earlier from my 2pm appointment

as i arrived i park at Tanglin parking near the food court there... (sgt senang i jumpa parking terus jumpa x der carik² mcm org lain... heheheh... lucky me alhamdulillah... i did berdoa a few mins before once i entered tasik perdana when i see full or cars... thank you Allah...

then i have a seat to get my lunch

yup eat alone... baru cosmo!hehehe

then around 130pm i walk to the clinic... just get there earlier since people are keep on coming and food court get even crowded.

There are two girls waiting outside to do the HIV test too...

i am purposedly bring a magazine (GLAM) cause i know im going to berkampung for quite some time...

i read it before and this time i reread it again and its 2pm

the door still not opened

and i notice clearly stated on the wall

::Jumaat (rehat 12.15pm-2.45pm)::


why they arrange time at 2pm when they start at 2.45pm?

anyway i mmg xder apa hal... so the mag helps much to kill the time

until this one uncle around his 70s i think came and ask me is it open or not and what time is it now (its 2.20pm)

So he fulfilled the empty chair between me and the girls...

then he said this to me...

"ooo baca majalah,,, (im smiling and mengangguk)

reading to kill the time huh?? ( and again i nodded but say a ah)

ini semua syaitan! (then he turn the mag from my hands to se the cover)

huh! GLAM ini syaitan,, ( the girls run away already... then the DIOR ads terbuka)

ini syaitan!!

syaitan ini...

you patut tahu! you waering tudung!

Skirts ini Syaitan!!

nih i ada perfume ( he took out a minyak attar roll on perfume kind a bottle with pink cap)

how you pronouce it... (i read Lancome, and i say "lawn-comb")

lawncomb right,,, it come from france...

but this is from Malaysia

org kiter yang buat

if you go to klcc they sell you 100 bucks

but saya jual or if you go to jalan tar maximum will cost you 7.50

nah i give it to you (after he roll it on his hand and neck)

i business this (pointing at my mag) syaitan

the clinic open cut the conversation

registered get the number...

they called my name

a little brief by the doctor

how this virus infected to ones body...

they have window period

if just got infected it will takes 3 months to notice.

so after 6 months advisable to take back the test

very quick... the doctors so baik...

any questions you can ask...

once they took the blood and check it in front of you...

as for myself sibuk nak tau mcm mana you tau its reactive ker x reactive..


dah lama x main dgn kertas litmus and dah lama x tgk csi...


they are very kind to show you dont worry

then transfered to another room for consultation

another briefing and chit chating with a chinese doctor..

which form goes to you which form goes to jabatan agama...

a little laugh

and thats it

if calculated from 245pm its only took 30 mins of your day...

p/s: Yes the uncle do speak english ... very good english despite the way he look (mcm x berapa terurus sikit, ok cuma he brings a lot of bags, plastic bags with barang yg mcm mcm)

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