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Wedding gifts

dengan x malunya saya umumkan wedding gift list
some of my friends dah tanya2 i nak apa for my wed...
they afraid they going to buy a wrong thing
as i am very predictable if u look directly at my face but unpredictable when it comes to my interest.
the best thing, just come and have fun during my wedding that is the best gifts!!!!

I will tell you what i like and dont like it may gives you a hint...
i will try my best to ease you all.

pertama: jangan beli juice mixer... coz i already have one yg x guna lagi masih didalam kotak
kedua: jangan beli iron sbb salina dah booked(appropriately ckp i yg mintak... ada specific criteria utk ini)

ok this is my priority...
i know this gifts look bias...
but hey i yg nak i mintak... kalau superman mau die kene bagi list die...
please put urs as anonymous if in case u think u wanna get the thing for me...

1. definitely a washing machine
2. A fridge
3. Rice cooker
4. Vacuum cleaner
5. Glass blender
6. barbeque sets
7. mixer
8. oven

Above are the things that i think definitely someone will go for...

I do accept the glassware... dont worry... as i love them to be served if there any party going on for future...
i love party and people coming over and big gathering is definitely my things (its run in the family)

i am not a great cook but for some reason but still love to bring people over just for lepak...
it was my dream to be a perfect hostess... seriously tau...

so what else
i accept anything to do with party things
including bluray disc, lcd tv... anything that u wish for to have in the house party

alhamdulillah kalau ada yg bagi

ok what else eh...

oh we dont have any bed yet as for my house during nikah there will be no new bed set for the bride room (not enough space for the house plus to much thinking which is nice)

I will try browsing on the bed ... no i dont ask u guys to buy me a bed
but for the comforter semua,,, i guess better make it king size... mine now is king... though i have this thought of buying a queen size bed... as it cheaper (the comforter a bit cheaper) tp sbb x tau lagi better be selamat... make it king

what else eh...
owh yes

i love if i received a cook book
boleh ler belajar2 kan

apa lagi ek?
spa treatment definitely a big YES...
utk i sorg jer pun x per (selfish disini yer)
x per i nak byk2 pun x per

will post more...

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