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Puan Noor Nazihah AKQ

Celebrating Love
...bukan mereka diatas...
mereka selalu celebrating their love and saya tumpang sekaki
sgt jeles x mau mengulas lebih lanjut

the first among the angels married.

dulu during school time (towards the end/maybe dah habis belajar) we used to poke each other that you!maybe her! maybe me! going to walk the altar first.. we are not desperate to get married ok... time sekolah we only think of fun... i guess there are only one person yg in serious relationship..kot... 'kot'...

ok now the dearest already a puan...

she so beautiful despite of lack of sleep and not being bride which should be pampered by people arround her! she did everything by herself n get scolded by me when she need to drive out and et some telur and wanted to cook bihun for breakfast on the day she going to take the akad...

hello dear.. tolong sikit ... you are not allowed to do those kind of thing!

we done our "my best friend weeding" theme that day... to provide her the best that we could offer...
the pelamins,,, the stress,,, the love,,, the picture,,, the beauty,,, the dos n donts on the pelamin... errr more on the pengapit actually who kipas mcm kipas satay... for the first few mins... and of course the gediksness off other single angels...

some photos to share:

::wany akq setting up the dais::

::the best cook in AKQ, shereen... master!!! with wany akq and evon::
::the hantarans from jia to nizam::

::say hello to deana here finalized the pulut " maaf shween, saya tau itu kerja saya yg awak bagi semalam sy terlupa nak buat"::

::while jia tgh make up for akad, this nyah name zack, so sweet,,, sgt sweet ok... we all like him/her::

::si pengapit::

::die kechieq so kene intai kalau x, x nampak::

::waiting for jia and husband "wah husband" for their reception plak... ooo perkenalkan kojek::

::memperkenalkan en hasan... mereka nampak seperti kembar bukan?::

::the guest @ dewan tasik ampang, near mrr2::
::the pelamin, pengantin and pengapit... luper,,, meet husband jia nizam and pengapitnya apek.. which in my thought try ngorat wany the stewardess::
::biasalaa mereka nak good good jer::
::nicely done eila,,, sikit lagi,,, then you akan pro::

::the family... ya two bride... but the lime light on jia.. biasalaa ada AKQ..sorry kak...::
::suka hati laa wany::
::Outdoor.. very convenient... the view nice and no need to rush elsewhere for good outdoor pic::
::just a slight of gediksness there, byk lagi kegedikkan yg akan mendatangkan kemenyampahan pembaca melihat::

::darling we love you::

::us dearly waiting for the pengantin to act like a good wedding model, *missing* aesha sbb di batu pahat & eila cause die photographer::

2 people have to say a little bit of something:

Anonymous at: September 29, 2010 at 9:08 AM said...

PRO?? no la dear...i still have a very LONGroad to go and it still freaking FAR as i don't have any guidance..(thinking of following that UNCLE during g-ah time keke=P) and i selfTOT. its kindda hard, but i do try to be the best for MyLittlePrincess. itu PASTI!

{ Shereen } at: September 29, 2010 at 10:10 AM said...

kireen!!! takyah mintak maaf k tuk pulut tu!! heheheh muwaaahhhhh lepas ni awak plak

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