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baju raya, kek lapis sarawak raya, ikan terubuk masin sarawak...by parcel

As usual when i have pile of works i will end my 'session' with a little shopping online...
and as i made my payment yesterday unexpectedly i received it today! my superchomel along sms me saying this "baju dah smp, kalau leh ponteng teng teng keje balik lerr cepat sikit"
working in raya eve is no fun... even the non-muslim have the mood of raya and take this chance to have a long holiday themselves....

as this morning,
i went to the office feeling empty... just want to get things done and chow...
and as per informed the day before there is a parcel for me from Sarawak...
From someone i havent met only by phone calls and emails (work related)
and he already resigned for better career development

he thanks me and compliment me with a cake sarawak and terubuk ikan masin!!!
yay!!! rasa sgt terappreciate...

all and all i love the last day of ramadhan even though right i step inside my house my mother terus cakap "pending job awak,,, basuk ketiga2 bilik air"

x kisah laah basuh bilik air ker apa ker
saya happy!!!!

and wish all my muslim friend
Happy Aidilfitri...
Minta ampun dan maaf atas segala kekhilafan
yang saya sendiri antara sedar atau tidak...

Selamat hari raya =)

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