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Finally the Hada Labo review is up!!!

Hi guys...

i know its quite late from the day i promised.
But hey...maksudnye the measurement stick is longer &
saya boleh bg review yg lebih mendalamkan?! heh alasan!

ok first and foremost

the cleanser the AHA & BHA exfoliator..

  • it give clean feeling without the dry/string on the face

  • It smell-less... x de bau...

  • Its recommended to wear suncreen with it..

  • It remove dirt gently

  • since doesn't have any smells on it... so it doesn't give the perk that you need when you wake up early in the morning

  • It doesnt remove make up easily... some residue are there especially the eyeliner...

  • It takes time
The Moisturizing Lotion

  • It is not in a form of lotion (creamy and white in colour)

  • It more like toner that have no smell

  • Its like serum (better described)

  • Need to pat on the face no cotton pad require (not glide with your hand either... patting)

  • Cost me around RM40++ but i get RM30++ due to the value buy

  • Only need 2 drops... ya it will stay for quite long on your make up table...

  • it takes time to desolve

  • Please extended you make up time... seriously this is major issue

  • it works wonder... i feel moistened
The Moisturizing Milk

  • Dont get confuse... carefully read the tiny label... the bottle is in japan so the English word appear is quite small and may confuse with the Japanese words.

  • Most ly same as the moisturizing Lotion step

  • Again.. patting... and take a lot of time to dissolve this on the face
When i read this one magazine, clarins willing to share with a few steps of how to do the face massage

You may refer below url..

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