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Pascal tertinggi


Pressure lah

my day start with a meeting in client's other office in KLCC

so i have this thought of to sneak a few mins before i get back to the office and to stroll around KLCC sekali tu usha kasut2 yg ada...

once the meeting adjourned, the phone cant stop ringing and the messages urghhh!!! ( its in silent mode and yup its ringing like hell)

i enter parkson, topshop, zara and vinci (sempat lagi tp pusing jer x pegang atau stop)
i thought i can stop with the flooded smses and mcs but then i terpaksa take out my laptop and sit in Obrian yg empty and doing my job there,,,

ya i know

how lame!

done i geram i by mag!konon bleh ada sikit me time in office tu lepas kan lelah

i took the putra then lrt to my office dgn gigihnya

once arrived open my laptop then emails byk giler

again the mag left unattended

continue with the work
a colleague of mine gave me this one baju [fight for the future" will blog more about it
i have to rush to KL Sentral
then biler dah jumpa client mcm2 laadie mintak
pressure lagi

& i bli famous amos on the way back from KL Sentral
sbb geram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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