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Hada Labo

Ha dah berjaya me labo dgn membeli hada labo
first pakai... Alhamdulillah terbaek...

i would say the smell like erm x der bau...
the cleanser the lotion and the milk

baru jer guna...

i will review it on friday...

to check up on the skins

whether ada improvement ker x

first application 4 stars/5 stars

another star x der due to the time taken is quite long

for the lotion and milk to absorb


still rasa moisture die sampai sekarang

dah beberapa jam dah nih

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MIko_elgirasolAKQ at: August 16, 2010 at 11:25 PM said...

wah!!! used it already..best kan!! im going to buy one whole set this week too. you buy the blue also ka? just asking~

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