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the MASK from KOREA I (cont...)

pic amik dr google.com

i've tried it yesterday..

i clean
i tone and i apply

i chill it first in a fridge for couple of hours (not in the freezer)

so once i opened the fragrance quite strong but afta awhile ok la...

ada guiiieeeyyy feelings la and the liquid on the face mask mungkin terlampau banyak

biler ditepekkan ada juga lelehan yg ermm i x berapa berkenan

apa rasa

i dont feel refresh rejuvenate or what so ever

tp smoother to ada laa (biasala tuh,,, after cuci muka pun lebih kurang jugekkk)
but ada rasa moisture la for a few minit jah

all n all
x berapa suka laa
as it doesnt clean n moisturize at the same time...

berapa bintang???

satu... (really dissapointed)

but my skin boleh terima coz over moisture kot...
sbb tuh terlampau byk liquid die...

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