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last weekend i spent my time with the darlings
though i ve planned that all my darlings will be there
unfortunately one couldnt make it...
marah?... x marah...
geram?... x jadi geram...
worried?... a big Y.E.S (really hope for Year End Sale tp bukan its overworried until i coundnt talk about it)

so the plan as usual will be delayed (nih dah mmg i masukkan dlm plan)
biasalah,,, diva² semua nih
maka dari pkul 2 membawa ker 3
but its ok
cause the weather pun mcm ngam² jer
on the way its 'hujan bulu-bulu'
but after we arrive n wait for the divalicious Evon we start around 3.30pm macam tuh (i rasalah)

but before that we decided to fill in our tummy with a fabulous malay cuisine (chewah cuisine) kat bangi tuh

yup there are a lots of restaurant that serve malay food for lunch

i intended to ajak they all to gulai kawah but unfortunately tutup

owh... saya bercerita pasal seksyen 8 bangi

so from bangi we headed to Southern Legion Paintball park (nama gempak kan,,,macam nama hantu dlm ghost rider tuu..)

to go there very easy by using the KAJANG SILK HIGHWAY (at first i am very mad with the map they provide cause i have to google it la cause it so like cincai simple no landmark)

tym macam nih rasa nak GPS...
but actually it is simple tersangat simple

by using KAJANG SILK HIGHWAY to country height area u will see a signboard to JALAN SUNGAI RAMAI BARU
u masuk that exit
u need to go straight and arrive at T-junction the end of the road,, where in front of you is a SEKOLAH AGAMA and take a right turn and the SOUTHERN LEGION PAINTBALL PARK is right beside you,,, infront of the kondominium kenari... they have futsal too..
at first i arrive i macam "ala,, kecik nyer???"
but biler dah masuk... n main,,, penat jugak kot (walaupun i nyorok jer )
i am in team 2,,, im the first one kene tembak
until today this post is written the lebam get bluish purplish n bigger
sakit giler n tobat x mau main dah

but the experience best la
its something new...

its for RM50 per head,,, with 300 palletes we can play for 4 rounds
if you are a man,,, giler will be enjoy this game ( i paksa my brother go and have a try)
dari main counter strikes ker main game kat computer baik try this one)

dari mafia wars kat fb tu kan

SOUTHERN LEGION <-- click di sini

kire ok la my lalings sumer skrang nih

futsal **checked

banana boat **checked

jet ski **checked

wall climbing **checked

kuda **checked

paintball **checked

not bad

ganas² nih dah try (some may think mana ada ganas permainan di atas)


water rafting


dan byk lagi aktiviti diorg nih

fyi... i x brapa minat sgt dgn permainan ganas² nih

camping ker apa ker

sbb pertama toilet

(did i mention southern legion punya toilet can go lagi laa)

sbb kedua sy agak lembik bab² mcm nih

im afraid i will hurt my body

a scratch will left all my friends pekak dgr my bebelan...

or else.... nangis...

biasala pompuan mengada²...

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