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she is very happy now...

i chatted with my friends thru ym
she said she's in jealous mood

i know she happy

i guess this beauty has found his heartrob

yup she owned

i wont revealed who i'm talking about here coz im afraid that the not-so-well-iman-lacking-ex-bf will try to make a world record how to kill himself

ok back to the stories

first n foremost,,,
i dont care who my friend choose to be their bf
we might say the boy/girl doesnt suite them perfectly but that love is unique n blind
so when she with her x-bf i dont mind because they are dearly love each other (maybe)
until the unwanted kongkongan, unbelievable behavior, and threats that he makes make us realize we should let her know
and we did,,, we just let her know that "ur bf(currently ex-bf) is something2"
we dont want to be the reason them to break up (eventhough deep down if you do,,, u will give us hell of easy to breath moment)
anyway we dont argue about this,,,
its her duty (cet duty) to advice her bf (then) to slow down on kongkongan

but anyway
past is past
i think her x-bf is now ok living single
as for herself playing double dah sekarang nih

i happy for you
my parents suker him
they said berbudi pekerti, sopan, x sombong, hormat org tua n boleh bawak beborak dgn orang tua

hmm... "not as the previous one"
cross hand to his own body and so damn quiet
x leh bergaul,,, betul x
this paragraph is my words

anyway dear
saya suka awak n dear

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