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tips kurangkan cost pertunangan- photography

senyapnye blog nih

sorry due to buzy-ness of moi engagement and this pc merajuk for quite sometimes
this blog is left unattended...


the pertunangan is already weeks past
i got the picture from jab the photographer
and yet i left another session with him - the outdoor photosession

ok i wanna gives a few tips on selecting a photographer during engagement

some people dont wanna spend lot of money during this ceremony coz wanna save it more for the moment on the altar
hire a professional photographer would be a like throwing a hefty sum of bucks away
and due to this most of us just leave it to people who has camera and clicks our pics and later kiter mintak
* it's another good way too to save
but there is a tapi...
However some of us like it to look more professional in photograph and get the output with the edited and the picture does look and represent the day
yang u are the most cantik person people ever see... the makanan is the delicious etc....

so hire a photographer to be
they living among us, friends, cousins, adik kawan, neighbours,
someone yg you nampak poyo jer biler u kuar tgk diorg bwk dslr ke shopping complex... they might give a good output...
or someone yang amik architecture, graphic, arts is an added advantage
give them chance to proof themselves that they good in taking pictures

things to be remembered:
  • have a look at his portfolio first; facebook, flick, photobucket, etc...
  • the camera that he/she use
  • ask them about the price - some may offer you for free, it has to be less than Rm500 (i got it for only Rm200 and ada outdoor session lagi-cool kan)
  • memandangkan kawan2, you boleh nego a lot more
  • told them what time, you kan suruh them tangkap whatever you want to tangkap, and let them be creative, they might hv many angle
  • last but not least, thanks them and pray it will come out ok

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