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Future Tai Tai

i getting bored dah duk umah
being a tai tai

living luxuriously....
in the eye je
but not in the pocket...

last month i kinda bz with the preparation for my engagement
so this month kinda boring
only filled during the night time for terawih

and usually after an hour so this princess already in her dream llalalala...
no baking
online ya
outside? no so boring because most of my friends working even on sunday

so everyweeks will be filled up with berbuka puasa with friends, relatives n tunang (still nt use to it yet, keep on pronounce him as my bf)

next week both days already been booked, another week oso until the week for raya... cepatnya biler pk balik,,,

so this month im training to be a tai tai
sit back and relax,
get my facial done,
fill up my closet
get manicure, pedi,
going t o events

though i kinda like it tp x mencabar pun???

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