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Shiny hair

This item was introduced by PuanSriVouge's friend Aunty Begum(she introduced a lot of product by the way)

Almond oil was known for it rich protein and vitamins
This product is very cheap
50ml: RM2.50
200ml:RM6.90(cant remember but less than RM10)
compare to others almond oil its kinda expensive... veryyy expensive
however i only can find it in Mydin
and sometimes it is out of stock

This is primary used for hair
To slow down the white hair growth and make your hair thicker and healthier
Scent a bit woody but x derlah busuk ker apa

i always use it before shampoo
use a few drop on your hair (i prefereed kene my skin) then wrap in warm towel for the time being or while u do mani pedi or just leave it for a night( rare: afraid got stain on my pillowcase)
wash with your selected shampoo
*no pic to proof*
you can see the shine immediately

worth buying

owh its good for your nails too
afew drop in lukewarm water and soak your hands or feet... very relaxing

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