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help me please,,, i really need it

when u are in a relationship
have you ever bother of whether both of you will succeed
or its just merely a tingling feeling to have a bf because the enviroment
people hv their own partner

how far do you measure a soulmate?
is it the criteria that mostly alligned with all the cateria that u wanted?

have you ever wondered whether your cateria is among the best for your love ones?

im having an inferior complex when it comes to love by having someone that is indeed the best creation god ever made and the very best someone,,,

is it normal

i have the feeling that my superman doesnt deserved me coz i aint good enough for him
u do want to give the best out of the best to someone you dearly love aight?

i hv the feeling that he is higher as the sky and i am low down in the deep sea
very deep

but i cant afford to loose him even for a second

Help needed



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