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cousins outing

there are a lot to be posted here

i miss a lot of thing
byk nih sebenarnye nak citer

ok still remember x bout my review on kak eita's steamboat sup ekor
again x banyak sgt gambar

but for those yang pernah makan kat sabak tau lah apa bezanya
ketam and yup there are no people singing

tapi the food choice is way merrier then sabak
trust me on this
for rm28 you can eat sampai lebam

but that is not include for beverages


but the air all very unique and the taste is different
a bit pricey
but its good

so we the cousins of batch '85
take our night out by me reserve the place

psst " when u ask for reservation ask for discount too tau, you might get it, and if you come to celebrate something there let them know, they might prepare something for you"

let me introduce my cousins
siti efliza we call anje
in a relationship going to engage on november 09

hanis we call hanis
in a relationship going to engage on october 09

in a relationship going to engage hmmm soon not this year and not next year hehehe

u know me dah kan
so no pic please

after the 'the tank is full with fuel'
its time to start the engin

we went for karaoke


hanis is terbukti sore sedap
shukri biler die dah panas baru sedap
anje pun ok
worst me lah,,, sore x cukup nafas pastuh cam budak2

apa2 pun i bantai lagu search
coz i cant go to the search consert
coz the next day after the consert is my big day


love you guys
& thanks to shukri blanja lagi lepas nih ehhh
dimurahkan rezeki

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