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solving problem

my boss always remiind me not to eat at the mamak's everyday "i breakfast kat restoran kg pandan setiap hari bekerja"

nanti i gemuk

n as reminder to myself
i really appreciate my boss effort for me to take care of my figure
as a programmer most of your time spending sitting

though u move jgak
i considered that i glued on the chair
therefore it is not good for your buttock

luckly the office provide a chair that comfortable enough for me

but to make sure ur butt not flat
i need to do some yoga
to tighten the thight
firm up the butt
and table straight flat tummy

i need to go now

owh lupa
i really in love with this gadget
since my fone keep sliding off(the back of my handphone lose it grip)
u guys rasa ok x?
it take times la for me to make it come true

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