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sabtu kerja

my office day is from monday to friday
due to some project that hv to be submitted to the client on monday
i need to come to the office yesterday = saturday (dulu pun kerja jgak sabtu tp sbb dah ada plan rasa terganggu)


i already janji with my supermom to bring her to maju junction
n hv a look at the pameran/ exhibition pengantin

and on top of that i lupa to mention to all of u and myself indeed
mcm mn bleh lupa!!!!

that petronas bukak open interviews for others ipta
this weekend

tgklah today nak pg ker x

n sepatutnya today

i pg tgk angels & demons
n petang
pegi fitness first
tp mcm semua x berjaya

but today i x mau gi office
i nak relax

one whole day i kat office

i should mintak a laptop from the office
kene mintak

so that later if there any extra work i can bring it home
so i dont have to dtg office
at least x la stress sgt

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