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for the past couple of days i dont sleep...
i get back at 7.30 am in the morning when my supermom so shocked of my face once i entered the house
without considered the make up that need to be wash off... i just grab the comforter and dozz of and hp in my hand in vibrate mode... and they continue with their breakfast...
i woke up at 12noon when my superdad bising2 once he entered the door after minum pagi dgn kawan2 diluar about i didnt pick up my phone when my superman called...
he tried to call me 7th times... he tried calling my supermom which her's is in her bedroom and she is downstairs reading newspaper...
my superstylo bro is nowhere to find
so he make a call to my superdad yg tgh grab for coffee outside
which as i mention before about his super worriedness
yup my superdad menggelabah he cepat2 balik once my superman said that i dont pick up the phone

then i woke up with hp that tgh vibrating...
wuarghhh my superman....

i go and get my bath

i ate my lunch

than i lepak for a few hours reading newspaper
then continue sleeping

at night

i did few of my report and once i tried thinking about what words come next i stair at my digits on the keyboard
definitely i need to do medicure
not pedi
cause yesterday night they complement my sexy 4inc heels and my feet that they look veryyy PREEETTTTYYYY...
then i stop from pushing the keyboard and went stright downstairs joining them watched cerita entah apa2... while waiting for my bro to bringback our dinner

mine two masala tosai
from kayu
n x sedap mana



which i already ate with the super-gorgeous-people last night

my superparents dah tido my superstylo oso
me ngantuk but cant

i kept thinking of my fingers
so after a long lay down on bed and counting sheep to get to sleep
i wake up i find my emery board and everything needed for manicure

and start manicuring my fingers

biler dah last finger i dah mula mengantuk
so after finished it
i msg my superman saying " my kuku dah cantik mau tido dah"

i lay back and tried to sleep
and thinking about my diet plak
i still remember at the tym i tried to eat the KFC chicken i can feel the lemak2 running happily try to find the best spot in my body
(seriously i imagined mcm iklan cat yg warna warni yg happily hit them self and disolve to colour the walls tuh iklan ICI kot)
so again i coudnt sleep
i set my hp to loud speaker to wake me up 630 and after solat i will gear up to do yoga
then i tertido...

and as the night goes by the sun struggle to shine
my hp starts its alarm and i wake up
someone in the bathroom
so i wait and accidentally fall asleep

i woke up its already almost 10
and yes mmg dah subuh gajah
x solatlah jawabnya....

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