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i am being grumpy mad and tired

i unbathed for one whole day

mandi at 2 am today

dinner at 12am (ehem, nih terubat sikit , sambal tumis udang galah)

i am very happy that i finished my FYP report for 95%

where another 5% go?


due to the standard that v have to follow

v need to use laser printer

this printer quite expensive due to high quality ink and maintanence

so only available in my radius is

at the digi comm lab

where i spent my day n nite yesterday

one thing i wanna tell u guys




ALWAYS try on A page first

if not u end up like me

burn RM21 for 10sen per paper

a bundle of paper burn just by snapping ur fingers

remember once wrong u need to buy another ring of DoubleA paper 80gms that might cost u around rm 10

so good luck with ur fyp

and im going to visit my friend


this evening

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