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owhh okkay

i guess im hurting a lot of hearts due to my absent for not going to malacca
am i right?
look girls i tot u just dont bother?
didn't i asked for not joining u girls

i only left a few bucks so i need money to go there
i did ask my superdad permission before and he says ok
but he lupe that the trip to malacca is after i went to penang
my superdad did say its ridiculous for you to holiday in two weeks straight!
i did say i dah janji
my superdad say u may go but abah x bg duit
u spent too much
and to be truth i dont hv money
so how am i suppose to go for just rm50 left in my bank account darlings~
there are reasons why i didnt joining u girls to anywhere coz really i have non!

bukan ke u girls x kisah i x der
im not the protector kan? kan? kan?

its really hurting u girls
put urself in my shoes
why talk at the back kalau korg ckp korg x hypocrite
i love you girls
and yes i do

sorry after penang k didnt talk much sebab ssgt penat n k ada ulser n yes k rasa kepala ni bengang sbb rasa mcm bising sgt at that time

so sorry to salina,nik, piah, nana, deqno, nadiah, n oren

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