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i call it theater week

uhh i spent a lot of time watching theater this

last last saturday night i went to see mak yong Raja Tangkai Hati

admission is free

then on wednesday me n my superman thought wanna go and bought tickets for GEMUK GIRLS at KLPac

ticket price starts at RM20

lucky us when we get there the selling booth closed

but we get to see the act a night early (the show starts on 4th till 7th Dec 2008)

with the kindness of this man or preferably known as my 'boyfriend'

he said to a person in charge name RAmon that his girlfriend here wanna watch the act

there were just started to do their full rehearsal

again it was free

n i get to see with my superman

just only for about less than 5 people in the studio


and yesterday i went for TEATER BANGSAWAN PUTERI SAADONG


again admission is free

i went with my sister and her friend kak ira and of course beside a supersexy lady she needs her superman aside


there's a lot more freeeeee theater around KL

yup another cheap way to do what you love and to do it with your love ones

or maybe to do something different rather than going out shopping and movies ' i know i know its saving sales all around malaysia n christmas coming up so lot of soon to be box office movies will come out'

p/s: its busker month for Malaysia

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