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giler cuti

gile best cuti
people asking me whether i boring ke x?
the answer
but yes sumtimes
when tv keeps on rotating the same story
i kinda notice that i have hobbies
apart from watching beautiful creatures on tv and mags
i enjoy reading
i've been reading a lot i guess
i mean a lot
other than that i guess hibernating and avoiding from the direct sunshine is a new hobby to me this season
i rarely online
yup i guess friendster and facebook not in the list of hobbies no more

i've put on weight
giler berat
n the scale x mo turun
i gave pengharaman yoga is one of the reason
as i love yoga so much
"actually v still can yogaing if it not include the 3 elements(find out urself about the elements)"
but i enjoy eating foods from the best chef in town
there always foods in the kitchen or nearby 'since attiq now pengganggur he makes a good delivery man, order je nanti sampai, best!'

again i just let myself mould my body
i give it another week before i start babbling in front of my rumates regarding my body
biar bernanah telinga die lagi
heheh sorry monne yang chumel

but kadang2 risau jgak about my fyp
i buat dunno je

oklah need to study my USD250 exam which i failed before!chet! another 1 mark to pass (passing mark 70/100) giler kentang!

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