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is it haram?
nik said it haram
in fatwa
because it's related to Hindusm or Budhaa (hah! lack of Knowledge!)
i love doing yoga
love it so much

how can i get flat stomach n tone butt babey~
i need yoga
or pilates
or yogalates

guess i need to concentrate on my another hobby
which is Shopping (hail to the me if i've lots of money!)
saidina money banyaklah

is there anybody can tell me wether yoga is haram or not?

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{ nurainaakabil } at: November 22, 2008 at 5:54 PM said...

yup..its haram..just watch the 1.30pm news on tv3 just now..apperently, this one ustaz from UKM whos teaching Islam n the world today, said so..huhu..check out the utusan newspaper for more info..huhu..

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