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good thing

i was riding on a bus last friday going back home with salina from uia to putra gombak
excited kot

luckily the train wasnt so pack so we get seat
then as the train pick ups from a station to another its getting loaded with people

and then there was an old man
since we sitting i taught i wanna give him mine,,, but then he sit down on the floor,,,
with a loud radio music came from klasik nasional (my dad's fav fm)
then i remain on my seat
i assume he preffered it that way
but there is one lady who scared of this oldman who for her might thing his wennngg
she tried to stand as far as she can from the unruly bad dresses old man
and for me he is aware that he is not crazy or wennngg and i dont think so

feeling a bit guilty for not help him gain a bit of standard by sitting on a proper place he drop earlier than my destination

after say bye to salina and off from the fully loaded train
i bumped into a blindman and assist him to the escalator and then the good things is passed to officer that sitting at the passing door

then i continue to get my star
and a working almost half decades man in blue shirt drop a ringgit after he bought a ticket
and with concern i told him that he drop a ringgit
i help him pick it up
he say thanks
n i feel good

went back
miss my home my superdad and supermom
my supercantik sis still on her way home from bangi
and my superstylo bro out playing football
and supersexy me minta to be spoilt by asking food

yess i love my day
n i do good thing today

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{ ash5cannavaro } at: November 24, 2008 at 9:22 PM said...

that was a very nice of u.. hehe..

{ Salina } at: November 25, 2008 at 10:43 AM said...

Each time I take LRT o bus, I wish to get up from my seat n let kids o elderly ppl 2 hav d seat.. but sumtimes when v stand up n let small kids hav d place, they do not appreciate it!! they stand up on d seat rather than sit there.. so now i only will let my seat 2 elderly ppl, no more 4 kids!!

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