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i've known a guy who is dark (never went for a date pon)
i've known someone who is intelligent (never went for a date jgak,,, unfortunately sgt berlagak)
i'd a crush with a 'hang tuah' kind of guy back in school (he x tau pun kewujudan i)
i've known a guy who straight forward with his feeling and own a scooter back in school (erm,,, nothing happen)
i've known a guy who buy me things that i want,, please me whenever he can ( but i learn that money can't buy love)
i've known someone who will do anything for me, keep me company, begging wait for me until i fall for him,,, and said " i'll be waiting for you if you not found someone in ur life",,, (turn out he obses! i i didn't fall in love to him,, sorry maybe he need not to try that hard)
i've known someone who kind of good in music (date once!)
i've known a guy friend who give me good advices and be there for me in a hard time (we still friend)
i've known someone who like me when first he lays his eyes on me (that is what he said) and very good in soccer (yes he does)
i've known a very gentleman who is a high motivated guy and thought me about reaching my dream and appreciating (turns out he is not quite good between balancing his friends and family)
i've known a guy who is his chore is cuci toilet, punctual (sometime did irritates me)
i've known a boy who flirtitious and sweet (but bad tempered)
and i've found this superman who is;
dark (i like his skin tone, malayish)
intelligent (of course!)
very the 'hang tuah',,,,i like~
yup,,, truly staright forward with his feeling ( good for the blur mind of mine)
and yes own a scooter,,,, mat scoot!mat scoot! kawanku mari kiter ikut mat scoot!
materialized me in limit,,, he is doing great in this (i love!)
who love me and i love him with total obsession from both sides!
who can play guitar and a very good singer!,,,
who is my best ever friend,,, who gives extra good advices and definitely 24/7 with me with added love and care
who fall in love with not from the first time he saw me and good in soccer too... big fan of arsenal
who is a gentleman, highly motivated, knows how to balance his friend and family, appreciate everyone around him,, who wont carry my handbag but carry my shopping bags (yup! i x suke lelaki carry handbag,,, sorryyy,,,)
who is cuci toilet is his 'thing' and punctual but not irritated at all,,, very patient waiting,,, love you darling
who is romantic and sweet and not tempered at all,,, very affectionate
plus he can be a good imam
remind me about the solats
remind me to study
taught me a lot how to this and that,,,
my mom love him
my dad
my sis
my bro
my friends
my home
my cousins
love by everybody
i think Allah met me with those guys before him to show me who is the one is suited me best
i've found mine
who i deeply in love with
with Muhammad Azizul Azwar Abdul Adi
will turn 25 on 14th november 2008
who is my superman
with a lot more criteria that makes me fall in love day by day
i love you sayang
happy birthday in advance

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