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new post separated by few hours only = ngantuk~
a lot not covered yet
betul cakap Dr. Fadzil study group
our mistakelaa study sediri2 by the end grouping is better to avoid sleepiness hehehe,,,
2 thing not yet covered
Switchig and Signalling

anyway now the room has turned into a karoke box but only one singer
gile kuasa,,, but fortunately for me n saline coz she has a voice of a nightingale,,,

i went to toilet for the zillion time
n to stay awak i filled myself up with water

not only that im physcoing my 'superman' hehehe
saja je elak ngantuk

kroh kroh
nana (she's sleeping soundlessly)
jeles i
but nvm tomorrow i'll get my sleep

i nak gi toilet

post again if i ngantuk nx tido lagi

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