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undone me

all assignment done! tink!tink!tink!
i already had my bath
but i dont feel clean
so gonna get my late night shower
really late night

today not so hectic,,,
i managed to settle all my works
altering here n there,,,
printing and all
still able to entertain guest (raya kan.. *sigh)
and still get to snip a few time to watch the hills marathon (yeay! fav!)
and sadly though i miss my lipstic jungle for this week,,, n probably next week too,,,
but hey,,, look at the bright side
celebrating supermom birthday *L.O.V.E*
hv flat butt due to sitting in long hours
hv panda eyes (i didnt sleep for a day just to finished up my work before celebrate grand open house) yup karoke till 12 nite,,, with dj,,, n lot of food,,,! plus duit raya lagi,,, $$$
anyway life is great on me now...
love you darl,,, maybe u dah tido
and so everybody i love

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ed haku-chan at: October 15, 2008 at 1:16 PM said...

i never thought u linked my blog..huhuhu..rs terharu..thanx anyway.. i link yours okay!! =D

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