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free gifts

im about to throw out a few bags of mine,,,
kemas2 n there are few bags are belong to the bin,,,
or might be someone who nak handbag,,, (let me know if you want one)
then a friend of mine give this one email regarding handbag
free handbag contest!
nvr tried this before but hey
why not give it a try u dont loose anything aight?
try it here
next week is another hectic week,,,
two 3rd midterm coming out (n yet v still not know about or past 2 midterms)
an assignment on antenna
5 pages essay on radar
5 pages essay on telco
FYP I presentation

the following weeks is the crash head week

im accept the professional course

n i dpt tgk lipstick jungle yesterday {a very big smile of sleepy eyes}

n im giving away novels if anybody interested let me know
english novel
novel of loves, passion, and very womenly indeed
novels around 80-90s

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{ nurainaakabil } at: October 17, 2008 at 3:35 AM said...


hahaha..rindu kirin ler..lama gle X nmpk..mana menghilang??

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