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i went out buka puasa with my gorgeous people on earth (yes including you zaim! thanks for coming anyway) so when girls hang out not only talking about boys (g-ah.... hee scandal) we talked about rm7.90 black shoes. about beauty... wany with the pati prune (wish me luck too..) and other such as hair mask (babe raya nak dekat,,, gorgeous people concern on looks rather than kuih raya) so this is something i wanna share,,, something that inexpensive at all,,, something i love,,, something that helps,,,
its puasa your lips might dried due to insufficient of H2O in the body that affect it,,,
im not recommending you to apply a flavor lipbalm which in my concern actually doest help at all in moisturizing the pout... so i recommend everybody with this:
i've been using it since high school
sorry it comes without the strawberry taste or orange or menthol
plain beauty
it does work
i also hv tried many other lipbalm
im not trying to condemn other products (mentholetum and body shop)
but for me 'both item' not working,,,
i always keep two at a time in case i lost it ke,,,
ermm actually three
one at home
one in my handbag
one in my pencil box
its cheap
and easy to find on the rack at any pharmacy or beauty shop
most importantly (best part for me) once you apply it you dont feel like something tingle or there are lipbalms that once you apply it feels warm/hot
but this thing works wonder
give it a try

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