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since i have no class and i'm in gpcl with only 7 people

things i need now:-

  • ballerina flats ( anything will do asalkan lebih kurang sama dgn jessica alba,,, tp cam prefer biru)
  • this eyeshadow from elianto RM5 jeh! walaupun the eyeshadow did not last long,,, this one is seriously true,,, tp 5 hinggit jer apa salahnye dolly up sket,,,
  • printerku kehausan so kene bli ink
  • baju? perlu ke? baju mcm jessica alba tuh,,, yg puffy kat lengan nak colour biru,,, i ske kaler biru ker,,,???teng! teng! teng!
  • thank you card,,, a big thank you card
  • something for someone,,, something coming up after a year!!!

ermm ada duit ker? heh! ada cume x cukup!!!

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