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no class today

i went to klcc with yan yesterday after my class at 6,,,
kononla temankan die beli kasut for her brother who'll fly to US for further his study,, but she did bought for her bro,,,
and after the first things to do list is strike then we go in to the window shop heheh,,, she bought a wedges,, suke sangat cantik and why i didn't get that when i was in midval last sunday? tot of buying the same shoes but argh nvm i have this clogs yg cantik,,, makan kat oasis still rasa x puas hati coz she bought something and i did not,,,,urmm yet! hee enter the shopping heaven when a branded stuff sold at very low price and the clothes are superbly nice,, i bought one,,
however that makes us wanna shopping more,,, we look see and touch,,, lastly "jom pegi danau? lebih kurang macam kat danau nih!" we failed to arrive at our next destination,,, instead we went straight to UIA try our baju,,, the moral of the story jangan kuar dgn yan budget terus lari,,, though the baju is so sirenly sexy red cantik,,,,

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