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wany kene ragut

wany kene ragut semalam
everything in her handbag
except phone
car key house key ic atm card n everything in it
jahat org tuh!!!
ragut kawan kiter!
better be careful next time
police came and tanggalka battery and everything utk langkah berjaga2 for the car x dicuri plak
kesian chomel x leh bergerak
be tough wany
we love you

tonite going out with roomate and x roomate
jj to malinj to danau
hopefully kalau rajin
but first i nak gi jemput agong dulu then tto gas station

tommorow wednesday,,, malam nak booked bf to hv dinner,,,
bf sudi x?

jumaat along coming home

saturday meeting dgn athaur
pasal fyp

saturday night nak gi celebrate bday abah
abg war n ajoy is invited
itupun if they nak join

p/s: along akan amik broadband dier so in other words
xkan post blog slalu dah,,,
sedey ;(

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